Hello world!

Published March 16, 2012 by zeekajie

So my blog has finally come to life. I’ve been contemplating whether i should start this blog or not and here I am. So let’s get this party started!

 My name is Zaakiyah, im from Cape Town South Africa, I’m married to a wonderful man who in this blog will be refered to as ‘princess’

The princess husband

My husband, the princess

he is the light of my life and also the single most annoying person to watch a series with!!Im also a mother to my little gremlin and my step daughter Banana. now these two are my pride and joy, the gremlin is 7 months old and banana is 4 years old. Like i mentioned i am a muslim woman and i hope to, with the help of this blog, destroy (not in a suicide bomber kind of way) all misconceptions you all might have about ‘us’ so feel free to ask questions 🙂 I’m generally a straight forward honest person, so expect ALOT of brutal honesty, and i have an opinion about EVERYTHING lol. And don’t worry, i wont judge you if you don’t agree with me, i will just not be very nice to you again *jokes* im open-minded yet very religious, but don’t worry, i wont bore you with the normal religious juju but i also wont post anything inappropriate. And if what i say does offend you then tough! haha. *kidding* On a serious note, i hope this will be one loooong ass happy yet cynical relationship between me and whoever accidentally stumbles upon my ramblings. Enjoy your days guys and dolls


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