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The nightshift (Well not really, just bragging about my baby lol)

Published April 27, 2012 by zeekajie

So for the past two weeks I have worked night shift. Which sucks because:

  1. No fighting with Imaan to go to sleep
  2. No cuddles with her and hubby before bed
  3. No watching series with hubby, with the tv almost on mute, because crazy might wake up
  4. No Sleep!!!!!! And I need sleep.

This is also awesome because:

  1. No fighting with Imaan to go to sleep
  2. I get more days off, so I spend more time with baby and hubby
  3. I get to sleep ALL day while my friends slave away
  4. I get a work out running after Imaan, because she’s crazy!

Notice the pattern? It’s all about Imaan.

So for the past two weeks its been two nights at work, two days home. And on one of my work days/nights while Imaan is at my moms place, she decides to take her first steps!!!!! Now this kid is 8 months old has one and a half teeth (with a tooth-brush and tooth paste coz I have OCD lol. And is a bit advanced for her age (proud mommy) and extremely hyper active (tired mommy), one happy camper and a show off.

When was able to sit on her own (3 months old) she would wriggle out of your arms so you could set her down and show you she can sit alone. Then she started crawling (5 months) (well more like sliding) and she would do it all the time because she got more attention. Then she started ‘talking’ (from about 5-6 months), naturally the first word was dadda (jealous mommy) then she went straight to ‘daddy’ (very jealous mommy), then kaka and when she wants something mama, she also shouts at people and wont go to strangers. Good girl. Now round about the time the talking started, getting up against things (and falling on her bum) started happening (a lot). Then at 7 months old (almost) we were visiting my friend Kelly and the two of us were chatting, not really paying attention to the gremlin, and the little attention seeker does NOT like being ignored, she crawls up to me, lifts herself up and stands. AWESOME. She also does that all the time to get our attention and make us jump around and shout like crazy people lol. Shes a smart little girl. BUT…she doesnt want to walk for mommy :-(. She sings with me, stands for me, fights with me and loves me to bits but she wont walk for me.

I will now go ahead and be sad and sleep deprived

Published April 27, 2012 by zeekajie

This is applicable to ALL children, but i think its 10000000x worse when its being directed at a child, especially one with special needs. Its sad and disgusting.
Any teacher who ever speaks like that to one of my girls, will FEEL the wrath of Zee! i will whip some serious ass!
Its unbelievable that this comes from a teacher!!!

Living on the Spectrum: The Connor Chronicles

How would you feel if your child was being bullied at school?  When I ask that, I mean your child with autism, who is minimally verbal.  How do you feel now?  Now imagine your child suddenly starts acting out aggressively at school, with no prior history of that kind of behavior.

It would be pretty upsetting, I imagine.

What if you found out your child was being called a “bastard” and told to “shut his mouth”?

Me?  I’d feel a burning rage hotter than a thousand suns.

But wait.  It’s not another child saying those things to your kid.

It’s his teacher.  And his teacher’s aide.

Feel sick yet?

We would never, ever stop until those people were held accountable, would we?  The very people entrusted with the care and nurturing of children that are already vulnerable, children with special needs, are the ones to violate that sacred trust and…

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Cape town crime rate

Published April 16, 2012 by zeekajie

One thing that pisses me off endlessly and saddens me to the point of tears is the alarming rate of toddler and baby murders and rapes going on and the fact that jack shit is being done about it, pardon my french but what the fuck are the police doing?

This morning on my way to work, the posters read: ‘toddler knifed to death’; ‘two kids dead, one injured’; ‘baby found dead under uncles bed’ I mean what the fuck people?!!!! These are small, innocent defenseless CHILDREN!!! The fucking gangsters and drug dealers don’t get shot, nooooo they walk around happy and free and not bothered by anything or anyone. they deserve a bullet in the fucking face or to be violated and raped, but does it happen to them? does it happen to rapist and child pornographers and murderers? NO. It happens to poor little children!!!! FFS!!!!! IT UPSETS ME SO MUCH!!!!! Last week a mother and child were found murdered in a bush, the police still don’t have a fucking clue as to who did it and the family of the victims had to PAY for DNA testing to confirm that it was the girl because her body was so badly mutilated. So whats the police doing, charging her for something that should be done free of charge! The presidents new wife to be is gonna need a sparkler, so lets just get the money out of the desperate people looking for justice! ‘we’ll try to find the person who raped and killed your daughter and her kid, but first you need to cough up R1500 bucks to pay for it. No wonder this world is on the fast track straight to hell!

And when they do find the killer he either gets off scot-free, gets special treatment (gets to go home for fucking christmas) ‘you killed ten kids who wont see another christmas but your special so here’s a holiday and some underserved time with your family, all because you smiled so nicely in court when they talked about your reckless driving that killed those angels!’, or the get a minimal sentence. but when the childs family takes the law into their own hands, they get life sentences! he raped and murdered your four-year old, get over it. he deserves to be treated like a law-abiding citizen!’ fucking assholes!!!!

I swear, if God forbid anything should happen to any of my angels, its gonna take a fucking army to TRY (I say try coz it’s not gonna work) and keep me away from that worthless piece of shit. Hell hath no fury will be a understatment. The movie ‘I spit on your grave’ will be a walk in the park for that fucker. I will take the law into my own hands, I will fuck his shit up and I will take on the legal/justice system and get off scott free, I will be doing it for any mother who ever had her baby hurt or had to suffer the loss of their little angel cos some waste of space excuse for a human got trigger happy or dick happy and hurt them. its only right!

Our religion teaches to obey the law of the land, but when the law flips me the middle finger I will flip two right back at them!


Sorry about the rant, I just feel very strongly about shit like this any mother would (except for those fuckers who kill and rape their own children)


....let there be shopping....

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