Published April 27, 2012 by zeekajie

This is applicable to ALL children, but i think its 10000000x worse when its being directed at a child, especially one with special needs. Its sad and disgusting.
Any teacher who ever speaks like that to one of my girls, will FEEL the wrath of Zee! i will whip some serious ass!
Its unbelievable that this comes from a teacher!!!

Living on the Spectrum: The Connor Chronicles

How would you feel if your child was being bullied at school?  When I ask that, I mean your child with autism, who is minimally verbal.  How do you feel now?  Now imagine your child suddenly starts acting out aggressively at school, with no prior history of that kind of behavior.

It would be pretty upsetting, I imagine.

What if you found out your child was being called a “bastard” and told to “shut his mouth”?

Me?  I’d feel a burning rage hotter than a thousand suns.

But wait.  It’s not another child saying those things to your kid.

It’s his teacher.  And his teacher’s aide.

Feel sick yet?

We would never, ever stop until those people were held accountable, would we?  The very people entrusted with the care and nurturing of children that are already vulnerable, children with special needs, are the ones to violate that sacred trust and…

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