Aaaannnddd.. Im back

Published June 21, 2012 by zeekajie

I know i know, I’ve neglected my non-existent group of readers, but im back!!!.

I have been busy, we adopted a rottweiler named Broc. He is 12 months old and the sweetest baby ever(pictures to follow soon)! So he has kept us busy as well as the little gremlin who beats up dolls.

The gremlins first birthday is coming up and my mother and sister are planning a party, I was not involved in all this craziness untill said sister roped my in, and now I have to make party packs! Dont get me wrong i love parties, I just feel the gremlin is too young to understand and she wont remember it. But they don’t care, its tradition and their sticking to it!

  • Theme: Winnie the pooh (couldn’t do princess because she doesn’t really like dolls, she abuses them)
  • Amount of kids: 20 (God Help me)
  • Bank balance: The same (thank God their paying for everything) Dont judge, party’s are expensive, and I’d rather spend the money on books.
  • Activities: Jumping castle (Just great)
  • Venue: Granny’s place (so my house remains in one piece)
  • Gift: I have no idea what to get this child!

I know that the gremlin will enjoy herself, she loves being the centre of attention, doesn’t get fussy around a lot of people, she’s little party animal my gremlin (like her mommy) feed her and she’s the life of the party! And a huge bouncy castle is gremlin heaven!

Theres lots to do to make this day a special one for my little girl.

Now what do I get this little girl for her birthday

despicable me

despicable me


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